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Since 2013, Lisa Galletti has volunteered with Casa of the Continental Divide, Dillon, Co. As a Casa volunteer, she advocates for children involved with abuse & neglect cases.

Community members and hospital staff are photographed on the St. Vincent Hospital grounds after helping the hospital spruce up on June 13. Front, from left, are Bob Smith, Marlene Eisenring, Tony Small, Lisa Galletti, Madalyn Videtich, Annie Livingston-Garrett, Nancy Boeve, Betty Smith and Kerri Quinlan; back, from left, are Ray Corbin, Nikki Goodden and Avis Rutowski. Not pictured are Jules Hallowell, Chris Coles, Joy Becerra, clinic staff and Cindy Corbin. (Photo published in Herald Democrat, June 19 2013)

Angela & hospital therapy dog, Bear. Lisa and her husband Tony Small were volunteers at the Extended Care Unit at St. Vincent Hospital since 2005 and until its closing in November, 2014.